WIFI QR Code Format


    WIFI QR Code Format

    The format of a WIFI QR Code is

    “WIFI:S:SSID;T:<WPA|WEP|nopass>;P:<password>;H:<true|false>;;”. These characters shall be

    encoded with Byte Mode when generated a QR Code.


    S represents SSID.

    T represents security type, can be “WEP”, “WPA”, “nopass” or omitted. If T is omitted,

    also means no password.

    P represents password, can be omitted. It will be ignored if T is “nopass” or omitted, in

    which case P shall be omitted.

    H represents hidden type, can be “true”, “false” or omitted. If H is omitted, also means

    SSID is not hidden.

    Order of parameters does not matter. Special characters “:” “;” and “\” should be

    escaped with character “\” before in SSID and password.

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